Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Pretzels

I love making these little delectables during the holidays.

They are so cute and so very tasty.

It is a perfect marriage of sweet and salty.

How do I make these you ask?

It is really easy, but don't tell anyone. M'kay?

What you will need:

*A bag of waffle pretzels
*White chocolate almond bark
*Holiday MnM's

First you melt the white chocolate almond bark.

Just be sure not to overcook the chocolate.

Overcooked chocolate will not work for this.

Be sure it is nice and creamy smooth.

While your chocolate is melting, begin placing your pretzels on a cookie sheet.

Be sure they are in perfect lines and they are spaced evenly.

Okay that is only if you are me...sorry.

Next, you are going to drop a small amount of chocolate on each pretzel.

Like this.

Finally grab your bowl of MnM's and gingerly place one MnM on each chocolate topped pretzel.

Like this.

It is best to work with about ten at the time so the chocolate does not harden before you can slap an MnM on it.

Let cool.

I dare you to eat just one.

Let me know if you do!


Mari said...

They look so cute all lined up! I've never done them with white chocolate, but have used Hershey Hugs and softened them on the pretzel, in the oven. I bet your way is more economical and you don't have to open all those little Hugs!

C + C Howard said...

looks yummy!!! My friend does something like this melting a rolo on the top and pressing a pecan into it!

C + C Howard said...

I made these for a Relief Society meeting I had this weekend... they were a hit!